I want to thank you for your update. i appreciate so much how you communicate and shared that information.
I to look forward to bettering the Leadership of the Unoted States of America and helping those who truly are not able to help them selves.
My son is in a wheel chair from a horrible car accident. since then he has lost his business, his home and his wife left him.
I am looking forward to helping the community of wheel chair bound persons. I want to teach them that even thought they are in chairs anything is possible.
I look forward to meeting all who would like to encourage me to bring this to florishion.
In His care.


Thank you, Don Corleone. But really, I don’t mind! 

First, I wish to apologize for this Fact Check being issued in advance of the commencement of the long awaited event. Please, relax. This is not some announcement or “heads up”.

The following are my words only. I am not writing because of anyone’s instruction or prompting. 

The reason I am communicating with our readers at this time is because I have been reviewing the over 550 comments in FC 122 and I am seeing a slight anxiety that is really unnecessary.  

The anxiety was further called to my attention from the many back channel e-mails requesting more Fact Checks, for “any further information possible”, or just some bit of hope that we will soon see the RV and such.

If I could, I would present updates from the front lines, in real time, all day long. But, that…

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